Our Girls

Our Girls stand strong together to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, tools & grace!

Summer Camp with Rothery, Autumn, Hilary, and Abby, 2017

We welcome ALL 8th to 10th grade self-identifying girls and gender expansive youth in Aroostook County to participate. We celebrate diversity of all shapes, sizes, identities, abilities, races, ethnicities, religions, economic status and sexual orientations. We practice respect, curiosity and kindness while we move beyond limiting social constructs and reshape our future.

Here’s what Girls have to say about Mainely Girls…

When I joined Mainely Girls, I wasn’t expecting everyone to be outgoing, it caught me off guard, to be honest. When I talk, people are actually listening to me and not speaking over me and I’m actually there, instead of a ghost. When I first met everyone it was like being included, for once in my life; they complimented my art instead of trying to fix it.” Olivia, Grade 8

Mainely Girls has given me a place where I feel like I belong and where I feel like my voice matters and is worth hearing.” Kenny, Grade 10