Meet Our New Director…Holli Nicknair

Hi! My name is Holli Nicknair. Throughout my entire career, I have continually woven the threads of Empowerment, Resilience, Transformation and Healing into a beautiful diverse tapestry of Connection.  Since my early days facilitating for Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, leading adjudicated girls in therapeutic wilderness programs for Aspen Youth Alternatives, educating youth in the Maine Conservation Corp and managing the Maine State Network of Peer Programs (now https://www.myan.org/), I have built a strong foundation for working with youth.

My Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and further certifications as a Professional Spiritual Life Coach, Embodiment Coach, Kripalu Danskinetics Teacher and Tai Chi Instructor, as well as founding Divine Connections and Women’s Ecstatic Dance have all enhanced my skills, resources and tools for empowering people to increase conscious awareness and live in alignment with their values, purpose & mission.

My more recent years managing the Eliot Center in Oregon, provided opportunities for me to walk with people through significant life transitions by managing use of facilities for education, arts, sustainability, social justice and community building events from weddings and memorials to fundraisers, conferences and more.  With 11 years of service here, I fine-tuned my budgeting, marketing and fundraising skills resulting in incrementally increasing revenue by more than 80%!

Growing up in Houlton, I understand the challenges and benefits of living in rural Northern Maine.  In my youth, I discovered my voice through theater and music programing and found my inner compass by adventuring into nature and dancing until my heart was content and feet firmly rooted in the rich soil of Aroostook County.  Now, after living out west in Portland, Oregon for almost 16 years, I have returned to my homeland and am excited to share what I have learned with our next generation of leaders. For now, more than ever, our Girls…. our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, neighbors and friends, need to move beyond surviving to thriving so they can reshape our future! Please join us in this mission to empower our County girls to Thrive!