Mainely Girls is Rockin’ It!

Contact us to Register! Must Register by June 24th/26th – 1st day of each program!

Mainely Girls has a NEW LOCATION and Exciting Summer Programming! Come see us at the Aroostook Center Mall at our new studio – across from the JC Pennny’s. Contact us to Register! And join us for our Community Wide Open House, Open Mic and Improv nights this summer! If you want to help us continue to create transformative programing for Girls, go to our DONATE page and set up a monthly deduction from your credit card ~ $10, $25, $50, $100 and receive both a gift and a tax-deduction receipt from Mainely Girls! If you are interested in what we are doing, and want to take part, please contact Carol Ayoob, Board Chair, at 768-5903, or Holli Nicknair at hnicknair@gmail.com. Our work with girls is beginning to unfold, in an ever-changing environment . . . STAY SAFE, Wear Masks and Wash Your Hands ~ we will get through this . . . Thanks to all our supporters!!

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